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Predyctive Programmatic Marketing: How To Measure Your Digital Advertising Performance

programmatic marketing

Predyctive Programmatic Marketing: How To Measure Your Digital Advertising Performance

Programmatic Marketing Expert: How To Track Your Advertising Performance By Using People Based Measurement

Marketers understand that their marketing must give the right message at the right time and place and to the right people to be effective. As consumers continue to reach for their mobile devices to experience life online, marketers have a unique opportunity to custom tailor messages using programmatic marketing to deliver information across all channels on all devices to improve their customers’ online experience. Unfortunately learning how to market effectively to this group of people remains challenging to most brands. The 2016 Digital Marketing Report reported that more than half of all executives report that managing and orchestrating customer interactions across numerous challenges as one of their top priorities. Another third of those interviewed reported challenges in delivering relevant content to ensure a better customer experience. What is programmatic marketing?

Programmatic Marketing Means Improvement

These barriers occur because companies analyze their customers and prospective customers separately and do not consider the intersection of these two groups. Marketers must utilize performance and audience data more than ever to come up with an effective marketing plan. Unfortunately, their marketing campaigns often cover multiple systems and techniques that make it difficult to analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Outdated measurement techniques prevent companies from seeing a unified view of customers, channels, tactics, and devices that are effectively improving sales, loyalty program enrollments, repeat purchases and other positive business outcomes. In order for a company to have coordinated and relevant communications with their customers and improve customer experiences, the company must stop the division between attribution and audience. Here are some of the best key strategies that marketers must use to ensure their message is the best message and it gets to the right people, at the right time and place. Who is Predyctive, the programmatic marketing experts?

Know Your Audience

Today’s consumers use multiple devices to interact with companies. In order to provide your customers with the experiences that they have come to expect, your marketing team must first determine your audience and the devices that they are using to reach out to your company. To create a solitary view of your prospective customers and current customers, your marketing team must link cross-device identity matches with your first party and third party data from all tech systems. This process is known as people-based identification and de-duplicates customers across multiple devices like tablets, smartphones and personal computers. This information is then synchronized with transactional, behavioral and demographic information including age, purchase intent, household income, etc. to create customer profiles. Then, marketers can use this information to enhance the media and content that is working for specific types of audiences and to create a personalized customer experience during all interactions and on all different types of internet capable devices.

Adopt MultiTouch Attribution Measurements (MTAs)

The first step to improve your customer’s experience is getting to know your audience. However, this information only does so much. Just because the marketing team knows who their visitors are and the demographic information of the audience, it does not mean the marketing team understands the best advertising tactics to improve sales. A key performance indicator along with enriched profiles will help your marketing team to understand the best way to market to each segment of your audience. Learning which channels increase your visibility and which tactics best influence a specific audience will help to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. When you know how to optimize your customer’s experience, you will be better equipped to convert visitors into customers. In addition to this, marketing intelligently will increase brand awareness, customer satisfaction, profits and more. Finally, programmatic marketing will ensure that your customers receive the most effective communications in near real-time.

Actionable Marketing Intelligence

Today’s marketers understand customer behavior can change quickly. To ensure your message remains meaningful and relevant, your marketing team must deliver an approach that works across all devices. When your audience receives what they are looking for the first time, they will be satisfied and become repeat customers. This is why your marketing team must determine the right message to deliver at the right time to the right people.

If you are interested in learning about programmatic marketing make a quick call to speak with your expert digital marketers. For related content and articles from Predyctive check our blog.

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