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People Based Marketing

People Based Marketing

People Based Marketing – NOUN – /ˈpee”pəl bāyst märkədiNG/

People based marketing is the process used by various brands to create a marketing system that is aimed at the consumer. It uses behavioral data that is gathered in real time and combines it with data from other first-party brands. When people based marketing is used, it is possible to strategically respond to any consumer that is using your product or service. Various channels and devices can be used for that purpose and it may be possible to open up new opportunities for revenue and to grow your business successfully. Using massive amounts of data does not mean that you will have knowledge of or insight into your target market. Acquiring this information requires analyzing and organizing data at the profile level. However, some argue that segmented targeting is people-centered advertising. I think that targeting a specific audience based on age, income information and gender information is not people centered as it assumes that everyone within a segment is equal. The truth is that not every mother between the age of 30 and 45 earning over $100,000 is a potentially good customer for high-end luxury products. People-based marketing is all about knowing who is a good customer and who is not.

Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

Take Over Your Market

We use behavioral marketing to find the ideal client for your business. We micro-target to people using an AI platform. It uses both user identification and behavioral data to produce results. Behavioral marketing sometimes takes more of a reactive approach to the behavior of users, however, but people based marketing allows the entire operation to be proactive. When the customer becomes available, the marketing strategy is able to kick into gear immediately.

Identify The Perfect Consumer

We know that consumers are connected to their devices. Identification is the process that connects the consumer with those devices. There may also be times in which a cross-device recognition is necessary for a single consumer. In today's electronically connected world, only 5% of all e-commerce companies are using identification. Email lists may exist among some brands but the specific email addresses are not targeted to a device. They may monitor the traffic that comes to their website but that may only be 2% of their overall audience.

Specific Target Group

I've heard people say they are targeting people but they are actually only targeting based off cookie data. They are not sure if it is real people or bots. Audiences from people-based data are generally acquired through actual consumer profiles from third-party or first-party data sets. They are not acquired from guesswork or behavioral signals or cookies on whether the presence you are targeting is from actual human beings. Cookies and other identifications are crucial for reaching audiences online, but you should not confuse these with the data and profiles needed to identify targeted audiences.

Offline Data

Many brands have practically unlimited data on their customers. It includes email engagement, the device that they're using, what they are purchasing & many other factors. Up until recent times, much of the information that was gathered was unable to be used. There were certain limitations to the way that website channels were developed and it was practically impossible to marry email engagement, browser behavior, POS sales & other factors into a usable database.


Using automation and people based marketing becomes self-evident at this point. It relies on targeting people, replacing the cookie-based systems and relying more on historical and user-based data. Rather than looking at each device as being a separate consumer, it looks at them as being one of the same. It puts them all together and associates everything with the email address. If you are using a cookie-based marketing strategy you are targeting a market with search inquiries that are not exclusive or ready to purchase right now.

Profile Information

Profile information fuels people based advertising. The more profile information you have, the higher the chances to acquire insights about end-user profiles. I think that some marketers may say that they are already using their first-party CRM data so they do not need data. Having worked for a large retailer, I understand that CRM data may be used to acquire insights into different customer transactions at particular companies. But CRM data does not include massive amounts of data that are only available on third-parties. At the same time, personal CRM files lack data about users who are not already your customers. The more inclusive data is the better your understanding of the target market.

Programmatic Advertising Influence

As programmatic advertising continues to boom, marketers who understand the true value of each individual and impression will gain significant advantages over their competitors. One critical element that will make their efforts successful is people-based marketing. Why is people-based marketing important? It is important because it allows you to target individual profiles founded on unique data attributes which connect to actual individuals. The results are usually incredibly powerful for brands, leading to better efficiency and accuracy. At Predyctive, we use a true people to people based marketing strategy.


Prevail in an over-saturated market with true people to people based marketing.

Micro-Niche Targeting

Micro-targeting is a strategy used in marketing which uses demographics & consumer-data to market to people with specific searches and interests relevant to your products/services. We use an artificial intelligence platform to market to these people through channels that they view the most.


Consumers own a total of 3.64 devices that were connected online. This presents a unique problem. How is it possible to create an experience that would be cross-platform for those who are accessing data on multiple devices? It even becomes more complicated when the shopping experience is considered. Predyctive knows how to.


We dig into the piles of information and to get some usable data back. The 1st point of contact was the email address. Today, many brands are using the data and organizing it according to a people-based system. They use every piece of data, regardless of where it came from, the device that was used or the purchase that was made. It gives a much broader scope for each individual within the system.

Website Interaction

You need to see what people are doing on your website and start asking you the following questions. The device they are using? The category, product or another page? Were products added to the cart? Did they visit additional products or categories? Were product reviews researched? These questions are very important in determining a person's behavior on your site.


It is no longer a matter of looking at the device or the channel, now you can look at everything and see how it works together to identify the consumer more fully. Since they are consumers, they may interact with your website across a number of devices and may look at different channels along the way. It is all part of the journey that leads to conversions. It unlocks a view that will be to your benefit.

No Cookies

When we target consumers, we do not use the cookie method because with this strategy you are marketing to what we call ``dreamers`` or people who search for things that they are financially not ready to purchase. We cross-reference and use an AI system to help us find & market to someone who is ready to convert right at this moment.


This approach allows brands to communicate with their audience seamlessly. If identification, marketing strategies, & standard behavior are not cohesive, it will not work well. Take a moment to consider what happens when a channel is triggered. Is there a cart abandonment email or a retargeting ad available? This technology reacts to how the user is using the website, delivers the appropriate message and takes things further.


You can use abandonment emails or retargeting ads to build on the strength of each. If people open the cart on their mobile device and then look at the email on their desktop, they can be retargeted again if they don't click on the email. Depending upon how they engage with the notification, additional motivation can be provided with an additional email.

We Preemptively Target People Who Are Ready To Convert

Our artificial intelligence platform provides us with the information we need to target only the people who are showing buying behavior. We market to the perfect or ideal client by putting an ad in front of them all while staying Omni Channel & platform agnostic. Stop bleeding money on marketing that is not converting.

Watch Our Video

If you are still unsure what people based marketing is, that's okay. We've put together a short video that de-mystifies the entire process and technology that we use within our ad campaigns. We go over how we track behavior, how we identify in-market audiences and why it gives you the unfair advantage within your marketplace.

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Are You Still Undecided About People Based Marketing? Consider The Following:

1. Programmatic targeting is on the rise. Unless you are keeping up with the pace, your competition will soon leave you behind.
2. Marketers with good knowledge of each person’s impression and value will win.
3. Targeting people will decrease your exposure to ad fraud and bots.
4. Apart from the greater efficiency and accuracy people-based marketing has to offer, it also allows buyers to understand the impact their advertising has on their offline sales. As a result, it will facilitate for better closed-loop measurements. Don’t miss out on this new age marketing platform, contact us to get started today.