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Get know how Predyctive came to be (Over 20 years of combined Experience) and why our staff are all a bunch of PPC rockstars.

Our Story & Work

Predyctive has continuously provided its' clients with positive results on their Paid Advertisement campaigns by implementing TRUE People Based Marketing techniques. Predyctives data-driven marketing provides businesses with the ability to pre-emptively market to their most ideal consumers by cross-referencing both online and offline data to create a more refined clientele base. We invite you to learn more by contacting us today!

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We have always believed that passion is the engine that drives results. Reach out to Predyctive today to work with driven individuals that just so happen to have access to data-driven marketing!

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Start generating high-quality and refined clients for your business with behavioral People Based Marketing now!

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Meet Our Team


Garrett Laidler

Executive Marketing Analyst

Garrett has been in the industry going on 10 years and is well-versed in every aspect of digital marketing. He spends countless hours researching for new ways to maximize client campaign conversions and takes a truly 'avant-garde' approach on how to better new and existing client marketing techniques with People Based Marketing. Garrett takes the same approach with his own businesses and has consistently dominated the internet marketing industry with SEO Authority and SEO Houston Pros. In his free time, Garrett enjoys spending time with his team from work and spending time with his family.


Ben Gheliuc

Head of Technology

Ben has a whopping 9 years in the digital media arena and an extensive background in mechanical engineering. Ben doesn't get much free time as he is busy delegating the work for our Ad Campaign Management department. He voices that other than being a providing husband and father of two, his biggest priority is ``providing our clients with unparalleled Ad Campaign Management``. He is an extremely welcoming individual and cannot wait to earn the opportunity to speak with you about People Based Marketing today!



Sales Manager

Ian is an expert in both People Based marketing and the mortgage arena. Ian has worked in every type of sales position known to man and has found his niche here in marketing. He currently leads a team of driven sales representatives and is ready to take you and your business on a venture no one will forget. His responsibilities lie in ``helping his clients and colleagues grow!`` When Ian isn't looking for ways to better himself and those around him, he enjoys spending time with his family. He invites you to give him a call today!



Content Specialist

Kat is an extremely driven individual. She currently services our clients for any and all forms of digital marketing. She enjoys her roles in both commercial photography and videography, and in her free time, enjoys those same roles in servicing her church. On top of her family, Kat loves to play musical instruments of all kinds as well as do freelance photography and videography in her spare time. When it comes to detail, this is definitely the person you should be working with! Give her a call today!



SEO Specialist

Andrea specializes in content creation for our clients and has done so for quite some time now. Getting search engines to recognize her content as unique and the first of its' kind is priority #1 for this #1! She has worked in many marketing fields for the entire duration of her adult life. When Andrea isn't stuck behind her computer, she loves being outdoors! Let her help shape you and your business' future today by calling now!



Client Success Manager

Alexander has built his career in the marketing arena on the success of his clients! It has always been important to him that he remain teachable and that he helps put you and your business in the most advantageous positions it could possibly ask for! Eating, sleeping and breathing marketing is all this guy needs to sustain life on planet Earth. During his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and helping others! Definitely get in touch with this one!



Sales Ninja

David has prior experience in content development and has now transitioned to teaching our clients' the potential in marketing their business on easily the most necessary form of marketing for any business. David is a people person. Easy to talk to. Easy to get along with. He now focuses on providing preemptive marketing strategies to 'future-thinking' clients looking to capture more and more of their market share! Give him a call today!



Sales Ninja

Robert is definitely a go-getter and a people person in every sense of the word! He finds himself a year into the internet marketing arena after spending a majority of his adult life working with affluent clientele at a five-star steakhouse. In his free time, Robert likes to do things with his son Robert junior -- appropriate. He is looking forward to speaking with you about how People Based marketing can change your business in a very big way! Call him today!



Head Graphics Designer


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