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The Best Ways To Use Data Driven Digital Marketing Campaigns

The Best Ways To Use Data Driven Digital Marketing Campaigns

Getting People Based Marketing Channels To Work For You

It is very exciting to be involved in marketing these days. Digital marketing continues to evolve during a time where technology definitely has the upper hand since it is the main way that today’s younger generation stays connected across the world. As new technology continues to be adopted by consumers, and the capabilities of established marketing channels continue to be updated, marketers are obtaining new ways of connecting with customers. But how can you capitalize on these new forms of technology without complete chaos being created? People based marketing is the answer, which is a kind of marketing where everything is connected back to consumers. When identity resolution power is leveraged to tie all customer data with the cross-device identifiers of the individual, it allows you to place people at the center of all of your marketing efforts. As you continue interacting with consumers in an increased number of marketing channels, people-based marketing becomes even more powerful.

Addressable Television

An excellent example of one established channel that is becoming even strong through people-based marketing is addressable TV. Identity resolution is being used by a cable TV network to tie first-party data from their media buyers to third-party consumer data relating to things such as dates when car leases expire. That means that are able to tell media buyers exactly which programs individuals on their lists are viewing – and where their money should be spent. TV has made those segments addressable, and if your targeted messaging and data capabilities are used properly, will most likely convert. The best part of all is the identical identity resolution technology may be used for targeting many marketing channels as well as a digital one audience.

Personalizing In-App Ads

The same thing is being done by telecom companies on mobile devices. Identity resolution is used to personalize in-app ads to provide specific recommendations to customers for the plan and phone upgrades. That way, they are able to use relationships they have developed already with customers to keep competitors out – and personalize wherever customers happen to go. Although you don’t have access to this same data that telecom companies have, identity resolution can be used for tying mobile device IDs with customer data and used this audience on mobile DSPs.

People Based Beacons

Remember the old marketing dream of individuals walking by a store and having custom recommendations delivered directly to them? It isn’t only a dream any longer. One retail chain uses identity resolution and in-store beacons to determine when a customer of theirs is browsing inside of their store. Ads are then delivered that are relevant to the person via third-party apps. Best of all, identity resolution can be used to see what effect it has on online and in-store sales. It is a total attribution cycle. There are many things that identity resolution can mean to numerous marketing channel. Everyone wins – including the customer – when all work together.

Data-Driven Marketing

The practice of data-driven marketing went from being an innovative practice to becoming a fundamental aspect of business strategy and advertising. There are several different ways it may be defined now. However, data-driven marketing, at its most basic level, refers to strategies that are based on insights gained analyzing big data, which is gathered from consumer engagements and interactions, so that predictions may be formed regarding future behaviors. That involves understanding the data you have already, the data you are able to obtain, and how you analyze, apply, and organize the data to improve your marketing efforts. To learn more about data-driven marketing services that are provided by Predyctive, be sure to contact us or call today!

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