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Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay Per Click – NOUN – /ˈpei” pur •CLik

PPC can be defined as an internet marketing strategy that involves advertisers paying a few to have their ads displayed to target customers, whereby a certain amount is charged if one of their ads is clicked. In other words, it is a way of buying traffic to your site as compared to ‘earning’ them organically. Advertisers pay search engines to place their ads on a search results page each time a user enters a keyword similar to the one the advertiser is promoting. Per-per-click marketing is one of the most commonly used online marketing strategies today. Unlike organic marketing strategies that target potential audiences and customers, PPC employs a different approach where advertisers have to pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. This mode of marketing is mostly recommended for business startups that require immediate exposure to the target audience, or when a company is introducing new products to the market.

Transmogrifying Your Market With PPC Advertising


Target Audience

Our digital marketing agency strives to ensure you get high value and quality leads to your company by making your marketing campaigns work. Whether looking for performance display, shopping ads, or paid search for your company, our team of experts will be more than willing to help. Predyctive uses sophisticated methodologies and strategies to ensure all your advertising campaigns deliver high returns on investment. We have also partnered with Google, Bing, and other renowned search engines to help give you the best service possible. Predyctive paid search management can help your customers find you quickly by creating a meaningful online experience for them. It also enables you to maximize costs while improving efficiency. We are running your pay per click campaigns with relevant keywords or search phrases that are the most search for on different search engines. This allows Google to understand what the customer is searching for and it will show your PPC advertisement for that specific search query. PPC allows you to target customers that are looking for your specific product through the use of relevant keywords.



A properly executed PPC campaign can translate to lots of profits in the long run. Some creativity is therefore needed to ensure the campaign is executed properly and that only the right audiences get to click on the ads. Google, one of the biggest search engines today charges very little for these ads, hence an excellent place to start off a PPC campaign. Should the visitor click on the ad, he/she is redirected to the advertiser's website. Although you are paying the search engine to direct traffic to your site, the action in itself is far more valuable to the company than the few dollars it has to part with. To better understand this, consider paying an ad for say $2, after which the visitor buys a product worth $250 or equivalent. The returns from the single ad outweigh the cost. In addition to this, PPC campaigns aren’t designed to run for too long. Most advertisers only pay for a certain number of clicks per day/week/month to cut on costs. Predyctive is here to bring you more lead generation. We are the leading digital marketing firm in the nation.


We enable companies to more MORE money through Behavioral People Based Marketing and beautiful landing pages.


It is important that you use relevant keywords in your PPC campaign. You don’t want to pay for keywords that don’t conform to your business. Using keywords related to your company or products not only improves click-through rate but also results in more profits.


You not only need to include all the popular and most frequently used keywords, but long-tail and LSI keywords as well. Long tail keywords are especially less frequent, more specific, and highest converting. They are also less expensive and less competitive thus recommended for your ad campaigns.


Expanding your campaign and allowing your keyword list to adapt and grow is imperative for a successful PPC campaign. You want to target the right audience and completely take over using the relevant keywords that are specific to your services & products.

PPC Campaign

It can take hours, if not days, to create your first PPC ad campaign. This is, however, the first step to making the ad work. Each campaign needs to be monitored and actively managed to ensure it is effective and to bring in returns and impressions first. Experts recommend monitoring your account continuously.

PPC- Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a PPC advertising system offered/run by Google. AdWords allows users to place a bid on target keywords & their LSIs, which are then entered into its database pool ready for execution. When a search is entered in Google, the engine’s crawlers dig into the AdWords database to see matching keywords then choosing the ‘winning’ keywords & ads to be displayed alongside search results. These ads are displayed based on Ad Rank. Google ranks based on willingness to spend on an ad. Quality score is mostly calculated based on the advertiser’s keyword relevance, quality of the landing page, and overall rankings.

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If you are still unsure what people based marketing is, that's okay. We've put together a short video that de-mystifies the entire process and technology that we use within our ad campaigns. We go over how we track behavior, how we identify in-market audiences and why it gives you the unfair advantage within your marketplace.

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Local Pay Per Click Management

Running a PPC campaign through AdWords is certainly profitable in that, Google is the leading and most popular search engine in the world, receives tons of traffic per minute, and delivers the most clicks and impressions on ads. Among other factors, Google AdWords considers matching keywords and relevance to display your ads, thus reducing the risk of your ads being displayed to the wrong audience. Advertisers, therefore, have to ensure their campaigns are properly designed and formulated for the best impressions.

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Our true power lies in our Omni-Channel marketing capabilities, but we realize not everyone can start there. Our Social and Multi-channel levels of service were created to give the power of People based marketing to any company, any size.

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