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53% Ad Spend Savings Via Big Data

Predyctive Planning

We love fine-tuning, and deliberating the entire process out for you. We establish what your most ideal customer looks like to you and get to work on audience engineering. Our on-boarding phase will have your mind blown.

Creative Process

Our team of graphic designers, copywriters, and media experts are going to be working efficiently on your behalf to get your campaign working like a well-oiled machine.

Design & Development

When advertising to the 3% in-market audience, design & creative becomes much easier. Using our people based marketing platform makes sending your message much simpler. This means less intrusive questions and higher yield of results. We will always make sure to get a thumbs up from you on the creative we put together and the campaign we run.

Scaling Campaigns

Once creative is approved, we then combine our data files on the multi / omni channel campaign Predyctive runs for you. We fine tune things daily until a position ROI is produced. Our team then dives into the CRO labs to further improve results, so scaling is both efficient and profitable.

How we use AI Data

For most, integrating targeted in-market data with advertising sounds like a foreign language. We take the time to break it down so that you understand exactly how we use machine learning and AI data ethically for your digital campaigns.

What we Do

Let us tell you exactly how we do things and why we're different. We like to be different.

Get a Proposal

If you are ready to work with an agency that can truly make a difference in your company, we encourage you to get a proposal from us 🙂 We often beat all other ``me too`` agency prices and deliver 10x the value.

Do you finally want your Unfair Advantage?

Using our smart pixel allows you to track the behaviors of your consumers and results in finding where your prospects are in the buying process. We capture 3-4% of in-market consumers and only run your ad campaigns to them. What this means for you is:

Shorter sales cycles for incoming Leads

Higher ad relevancy resulting in cheaper clicks

Better prospects waiting to do business with you

We immediately pay ourselves off and make you profitable

Higher ROI on your Investment

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The Answer Is Quite Simple.......A True People Based Approached, Mixed With A Dash Of Artificial Intelligence, And Increased Acquisition!

Predyctive is one of the pioneers of people-based marketing. It has been providing advanced digital marketing technology solutions to brands in need for establishing true connections with their audience. Its proprietary people based marketing platform places Predyctive among the leaders in performance marketing.

Predyctive offers customers the opportunity to build personalized digital marketing campaigns right off the bat, thanks to their database of over one billion registered users. Marketers get their own first-party CRM solution that allows them to build custom campaigns across all digital media channels. They can also measure the impact of their campaigns in terms of sales volumes, down to the customer level. This enables our clients to acquire powerful insights into the needs and wants of their potential customers.

Predyctive can offer you a true people-based DSP, enabling your business to make use of a carefully tuned, scalable solution that has never existed before.

“People-Base Marketing” is a term that illustrates the new way all big corporations should be marketing their offerings. It also enables companies to promote specific services or products to their potential consumers, before they even acknowledge their need for this offer. We base our platform on trended and patterned searches, and on one of the largest databases online. This gives us the competitive edge of being able to select market segments based on specific profile

What Is Programmatic and People Based Marketing?

For over ten years, large fortune 500 companies have used the cookie-based model to track the same visitor across multiple devices. Nonetheless, in today’s world, three-quarters of all cookies get deleted on a 72 hour basis, and many devices don’t accept cookies at all. This makes the cookie tracking approach obsolete and inaccurate.

People-based marketing was born out of the need for real data from actual individuals. Such data would have enabled marketers to offer their target consumers a customized experience across TV, print, and digital outlets.

Various insights such as the car make and model your customers drive, the place where they have their morning coffee, and the TV shows that they prefer enable brands to connect with genuinely real people across all devices they use.

Media becomes more and more fragmented as the focus shifts towards the digital environment. This new area makes it more difficult for marketers to reach their audience. Precision targeting across all channels requires an unbiased partner using innovative technology to enable marketers to coordinate their campaigns across online channels.

Predyctive enables marketers to make use of third party information to decide what to invest their budgets in and how much to pay. We offer our clients powerful APIs they can use to build their own proprietary statistics or craft unique and highly-converting DSP offerings.

If you want to know more about people-based marketing and its benefits for brands and companies like yours, get in touch with Predyctive today and see how we can change your business!

What Is Programmatic and People Based Marketing?

You Ever Wonder What Behind The Scenes Look Like With A Company? The Proof Is In The Pudding! Our Caffeine Consumption and Work Ethic Keeps Our Strategies Ahead Of the Curve, All While Supplying The Success Stories From Our Clients That You Love To See!

Predyctive does this by meticulously measuring your data with a true artificial intelligence approach with a cross-platform marketing strategy (ie multiple devices such as mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop), with a multi-channel drive. With Predyctive’s A.I. your audience will become laser targeted to consumers and clients that are in market to purchase your product right now before your competitors can even think about getting in front of them. Doesn’t that sound powerful?


We've got a long list of successful, happy clients ranging from roofing, to mortgage and real estate. Below are just a few and what they had to say about their experience with Predyctive.

We were looking for top notch commercial roofing leads and predyctive really did deliver. The fact that they gave me people only actively looking for roofs were huge.

Anthony Goana
Rooftop Restoration

Ben and the team at Predyctive really knocked it outta the park for us. 147 leads our first month and many of those are already active jobs.

Bill Marmion
Roof Ex

The data thing they did (however they did it) was really what made the leads so good for us. Many in market buyers ready to go.

Christina M.
Prepare Mortgage

If your're looking for a thurough digital firm to work with, then they are your go to. They keep up with the latest tech so we don't have to.

Karan Johnson
Content Marketer IO

Predyctive have me the opportunity of a life time. They're super committed and always willing to go above and beyond.

Callum Nichols

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Our team is super passionate about what we do. Throughout the month, we write valuable posts on our blog. They could be about conversion rate optimization or even the influence big data is having on the advertising industry as a whole. Either way, be sure to not miss out!

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Professional Skills

Predyctive is culmination of three agencies merging together. K2 local, SEO Houston Pros and Beem Digital created Predyctive to bring AI advertising to non fortune 500 companies. Because of this, we required the very best talent in digital media to execute the omni-channel strategy needed to truly dominate the marketplace. All of our team whether it be a web developer, creative graphic designer or campaign manager, has been thoroughly vetted so only the most qualified skill manages your vision for growth.

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Predyctive Growth Plans

Our pricing is setup to bring you Fortune 500 technology to businesses that do not have fortune 500 budgets. We always work to over deliver on every level of service, no matter the size of growth plan.

get our Setup Fee Waived! ($2,500)

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